Not all people move in linear directions.  There are many people who love university life, and there are many who hate it but stick it out. I couldn’t find a way to do either. I left Bennington College after a year and a half, meandered to University of Massachusetts Amherst for a semester before making my way to Montana to work on Jon Tester’s 2006 Senate race against a 3 term incumbent. Montana is an incredible place. The state is full of bright minded people who have their feet on the earth.

After we won, I was offered a job in Senator Tester’s DC office. I started taking history and philosophy classes at night at Georgetown while working in the Senate full time during the day. It was intense, but somehow exactly what I needed. Each world balanced the other, the history classes allowed me to realize that all modern politics is just a social system confined to this epoch. Working in the senate got my head out of the clouds, and allowed me to realize the current political state of society.

After two years of the dual life, I decided to leave the senate to concentrate on my thesis, but first I took a vacation. During this vacation, I fell in love with Paris. I fell hard. I dropped all of my former plans, and decided to write my thesis in Paris and learn French. After a year of writing and French classes and 6 years of a self-designed education, I graduated from Georgetown in May 2010.

I’m spending the summer freelancing and working on a variety of jobs, from Cambodia to menus, and living in Harlem, NYC. I plan to go back to Paris in September to teach English and continue to learn French.

I’m excited to go back to Paris.  There are things about Paris that I miss when I am in New York, like people speaking French. Of course, there are things about New York that I miss in Paris, like people speaking English.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Great post! We’ll be sad to lose you (for a bit anyways ;), but excited you’re going to go live a little!

    All the best–

  2. Hey Lili,
    I don’t know you but I know your grandmother, she is a patient at the Physical Therapy office I work in. She has told me a lot about you, and has given me the website to your blog. I just wanted to say I am enjoying reading you posts, and I think it is amazing that you just up and moved to Paris. I wish I could be so brave and adventurous. I told your grandmother, you should definitely turn your posts into a book; it would be a great read.



  3. Lil, this is terrific. Although your various changes came as a result of many different factors — from hating college to being immediately infatuated with the Streets of Paris — you really are, as Sasha so clearly observed, courageous and adventurous.

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