Movies and Midnight in Paris, take II

Note: this post contains some mild movie spoilers, but nothing not already evident from previews.

I really love seeing movies in this city. I often see American movies, so perhaps my movie-going frequency is large part due to the fact that for two hours, I’m in a secure little English speaking bubble, some semblance of home away from home.

This past weekend, I saw The Beaver, Hangover II and gave Midnight in Paris another shot. It’s strange, even though I had my problems with Midnight in Paris the first go around, I just felt like I needed to see it again. There were two things I connected with in the movie. First a note on nostalgia. It’s too easy to believe that our time is the most treacherous, everything is uncertain and time moves so fast because of this that and the other. We are a people are obsessed with time saving techniques, yet plop ourselves down in front of glowing rectangles and let the hours pass by. I like the time we live in, women are liberated, whooping cough is eradicated (in my western bubble at least), and we have so much access to information on the world we live in.

Also in Midnight in Paris, I really connected with the magic that happens in Paris after midnight. Take a walk in this city, and you won’t be literally transported back in time, but everything about harks back to an earlier time. Paname is a work of art, and today she holds beauty from a conglomerate of different times. Paris has a, well, je ne sais quoi. I know its a bit cliché, but I really love this ipad advert wrapped around one of the oldest buildings in Paris (on the Île de la Cité).

Hangover II was totally null. The jokes were exactly the same as the first one, I mean exactly. Sequels exploit the essence of the first movie. I liked The Beaver, though I also had my problems with it. I thought the characters were complete, like there were no details that existed outside of the movie. It’s a depressing comedy of sort, but I’d recommend it.

On another note – I’m leaving for the U.S. in two weeks. I’m definitely sad to leave, but any sadness about leaving is overshadowed by a need to be home.


2 thoughts on “Movies and Midnight in Paris, take II

  1. Hi Lili
    As always its great to read your posts. I long to at least visit if not live for awhile in Paris. Ive finished all my course work at GU for my MA and I’m now finishing the thesis; looking for a place to do the PhD. thing. I’m really interested in doing it abroad but the barrier to me is my lack of a foreign language, unless I go to the UK. The Sorbonne would be great but I have exactly zero knowledge of the language and I’m immersed in Classical Latin now so I don’t know when I could begin to study French. We had a lecturer here several months ago who took his MA at Cambridge and PhD at Harvard and his insights into study abroad were really eye opening. According to him, with the exception of about 5 universitys in America, all we have here are trade schools. He said the attitude toward higher education is totally different in Europe is totally different than here.
    I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on time saving and technology. American’s are so captivated with computers they don’t think to consider whether we ‘should’ do something. Its only if we can and then do it. I’m afraid we’re are headed towards, or maybe we’ve already arrived, at a dumbed down society where we’ve lost the ability to reason. Maybe its time for me to just leave for awhile and immerse myself in another culture that actually knows what their culture is; hence the topic of my thesis….is a universal culture possible in America and what are the ethical implications? Its become quite an eye opener to me.
    Are you just visiting here or are you going back to Paris? After living there so long I can’t imagine wanting to come back here to live. Visiting family I’m sure is a strong pull. Anyway, I continue to enjoy your posts and wish you the best.
    Larry Creech

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