Anne-lise and I saw the movie Machete last night.

For what it was, it was good. For what it was. We both left talking about other, better, Robert Rodriguez (the director of Machete) movies, and then turned to even better Quentin Tarantino movies. Rodriguez and Tarantino are collaborates on many movies, so its somewhat of a logical step.

The movie takes a flat view of the Texas/Mexican border issue, full of gun-slinging Texas politicians and bouncing Mexican cars. But, it was what it was. I did love the use of new technology in the movie. I often watch old movies, and wonder how different it would be with cell phones, video cameras and the internet, and this movie did an excellent job of integrating the old and new.

On the big up side, I LOVE 26 under discounts in France. €4.20 for a movie at the UGC Goblins is pretty awesome. Under 26 movie discounts are at the UGC Goblins (€4.20) and MK2 Bibliotheque (€3.90).