New York/Paris

Love this series!

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Special Visitor

I have a special visitor here in Paris for my birthday…

Brother love!

These photos were taken via skype w/ mom!

Yesterday Kasey (brother, pictured above) some friends and I went out to a delicious French dinner at A la Biche au Bois. Mmm…I’m still full of salmon with mushroom cream sauce, cheese and l’île flottante…which is basically meringue over custard. Mmmm….I love French food.


I find it very very hard not to get fat in France.

tarte citron, my favorite.

There’s nothing spectacular about the French paradox. The French people just have incredible will power.

Me? I wanto to eat every pastry in this window. In fact, the french idiom for “window shopping” is lèche-vitrine, or window-licking.

pastry w/ dates, in the Marais

Perhaps the French are better able to pass by a pâtisserie because they’re everywhere, all over Paris and all over France. My access has a potential end date.

How many pastries can one eat in a year?

Quartier: Take 2

I’m lucky. My new apartment is right next to the promenade plantee. It’s a former railroad track, sort of like the hi-line in New York.

The promenade runs from the Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes.

It also cuts through the Jardin de Reuilly, home of the sparkling public water fountain.

That’s right, sparking water fountain. As an effort to decrease plastic consumption in France, the government has installed Paris’ first sparkling water fountain. It’s just like regular H2O, but it’s + CO2!

It’s a great running route. Which, is very important to keep off all of those delicious French pastries.

Hello World!

After the blackout that was this summer in NYC, I’m back online.

Just a brief update: I spent the summer living in Harlem with Jill (best friend from middle school) and traveling up and down and up the east coast. It was great. The summer was a really wonderful reminder of what a loving community of friends and family I have.

It was interesting to live in Harlem, its quite a different scene than the rest of Manhattan. It can be just about as crowded as Times Square, but instead of photo-taking tourists slow-walking tourists it’s filled with a community. Sure, there were some incidents while I lived there, but the most exciting incident that happened in to Jill and me was when a rat ran over Jill’s foot. Ew. Ew.

I spent a week in Greece with baby bro Kasey. Greece is amazing. Its paradise. Total paradise. We went to Athens, San Tourini and Iraklion and Chania in Crete. Unfortunately, a proper blog on Greece will have to wait until I have photos. Kasey has my camera, the why is complicated, his camera is with me in Paris.

Which brings me to my next point, I am back in Paris!!! Its strange to be back here. I feel less like an outsider; I know how to navigate the metro, avoid the dog poop on the street, deal with convention, speak the language (sort of, it comes and goes), etc. Still, its strange. There’s something about coming back here for round 2 that is just different.

I’m spending my time teaching English in Saint Ouen (just to the north of Paris, its a pain in the cul to get there, but it gives me some solid metro reading time) through the Teaching Assistants in France (TAPIF) program. I teach at 3 different primary schools and have about 12 different classes, all about 45 minutes each. Its a lot of work, but so far, so very good. We’ve had a couple trainings so far, and I’ve learned some tactics about teaching French children the “H” souflee (it’s HAH-loween, not ‘alloween) and been given some very basic tactics for songs and such, but programs need to be tailored for each class.

As I’m back online, look out for posts re: my new ‘hood, the strikes in Paris, eating at school cantten (cafeteria at the primary school), strict teachers and ‘alloween (err, I mean Halloween).

OK OK, one iconic shot: