Its interesting to learn a whole new set of French words.  As I’ve mentioned, I often try to guess French words by taking an English word and putting a French accent to it.  After you’ve got the French accent down, the trick to this is to say the word with more emphasis on the END of the word, as opposed to the beginning.  Even through the French often don’t pronounce the ends of the words, they tend to put more emphasis on what they do pronounce.  For example, the French people say parkING, while English speaking people say PArking.

But, trying to guess words on a farm does not work. In fact, the only similar word that I can think of is the ferme, farm.  All other words I’ve come across are extremely different.

It makes sense, really. Descriptive adjectives transcend borders.  The international community is apt to share ideas and the terms related to those ideas.  Agriculture, on the other hand, is the terre. Its of the earth; agricultural words do not transcend borders, they stay close.

Here’s a few:


sheep :: mouton

OK the British use mutton (adult sheep) for shepherd’s pie, but I’m pretty sure they lifted it from the French.


ewe (female sheep) :: brebis

ram (male sheep) ::  bélier


lamb :: agneau


goat :: chèvre


kid (baby goat) :: chevreau


billy/buck (male goat) :: bouc
OK that one’s the same.


horse ::  cheval


donkey ::  âne
More to come…

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