English invasion ‘threatens French language more than Nazis did’

Quelqu’un is angry: English has permeated the French language.  This telegraph article quotes the French philosopher Michel Serres saying, “There are more English words on the walls of Paris than German words under the (Nazi) Occupation.”


Well, duh. American culture and influence is global.  While some might be resentful of this influence, it pales in comparison against the resentment towards the Nazi’s.

And besides, who says that the French are the only ones with the right to get mad about the adulteration of language? Maybe I’M mad that English isn’t used properly.

Translated literally: To Rent; Parkings

There’s no such thing as “Parkings.” “Parking” is a verb in progressive form. Therefore you can’t treat it like a noun and put an “s” at the end.

So there.

In fact, this has been happening for centuries.  This osmosis across the “pond” is accountable for hundreds of thousands of shared English and French words, neither language would be as lush without the other.

But, perhaps, for the French language is identity.  There’s recently been great debate about defining French national identity. While inconclusive as of yet, language lies at the heart.


One thought on “English invasion ‘threatens French language more than Nazis did’

  1. Instead of being so critical of everything American, perhaps the French should just say “Thanks” to the English speaking allies who made sure the French languae didn’t get replaced by German in the ’40s. You gotta luv ’em though!

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