Paris Buses

Je adore le bus. Sure, it takes more time and is difficult to figure out, but each bus ride is a mini city tour.  The big bus map makes be feel crosseyed, and so the best way to use the bus is to use the RATP site:

Bus stands are dotted around the city.

Bus Direction

Be sure to know the DIRECTION you’re going in.

Bus Map

These maps are in every bus station, and will tell you exactly where the bus you are about to prend will go.

You can pay for the bus using the Navigo card…

…or by using a regular metro ticket. BE SURE TO STAMP YOUR TICKET at the machine (pictured above). You can also purchase a ticket from the bus chauffeur (not pictured, you’ll just have to trust me on this one). Although, if you decide this route then you must pay 10 centimes (Euro cents) more than normal.

The same bus map as in the bus station.

Most of the buses have buttons to push when your arrêt approaches.

When exiting the bus, be sure to use the back doors. You may have to push a button to open a door, or yell “la porte s’il vous plaît!” to the bus driver.


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