How to Take the Metro

The metro is an easy way to get around the city.  If you’re here for over a few days, consider buying a three/seven/thirty day pass.  However, most metro stations are NOT handicap accessible, and the metro stops around 1:00 on weeknights and 2:00 on weekends (it depends where you’re coming from/going to).

Metro tickets are €1.60.  You can purchase them in the metro station at the machines. Or, you can purchase 10 tickets for €11.60 (a €4.40 discount).

All machines take coins (the largest euro coin is €2.00!), but only some take cash, espèces. All machines take credit card, but NONE accept the American credit cards. European credit cards have a fancy and secure chip.

Put the ticket in the machine.  Take the ticket, and force your way through the turnstyle. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR TICKET WITH YOU. RATP police prowl for turnstyle hoppers.

Metro and bus maps are on the platform (its actually the only time I’ve seen complete bus maps, more on that later).

Parisian metros are NOT like American metros/subways.  Except for a few modern metro lines, doors ONLY open if you push the button to open the doors.

This goes for the interior AND exterior of the metro doors.

In some of the older metro lines, there is a lever instead of a button.  Push the level up, and the doors will open.

When you get off, look for the sign that says “Sortie.” There are probably multiple exists, but there is always a map of the quartier.

These sortie doors open automatically (there are lots of different types of doors).

Félicitations, you’ve survived the Parisian metro.


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