to find out

Few people stared at my pointy ears on the metro last night.

Let me explain…after a Halloween party last (Saturday) night, I determined that it was better to metro home with Spock ears and take off my ear extensions at home.  My alternative was ripping a layer of skin off along with the liquid latex.  People don’t really dress up for Halloween here, in fact on the 45 minute metro ride home, I saw exactly 3 other people in costume.  And so, I expected to be somewhat gawked at.  Of course, if I was a giant hamburger, I certainly would have received stares.  My plastic extensions, however, were just not noticeable enough.

The French don’t really have any interest in celebrating halloween.  Some children dress up, but not after the age of 10. I wonder how much the lack of interest stems from the fact that it is commercialized by America.  Perhaps the rising sea levels and climbing childhood obesity in france have something to do with the fact that the French don’t want to integrate our culture.  Well, we (Americans) too don’t to integrate French culture.  We don’t want health care or to pull out of wars, because thats too French.

The politically savvy French ask me two things about American politics.  They ask me whether I like Obama, to which I respond, “oui, j’aime Obama.”  They also ask me why we changed the name of french fries to freedom fries.

I wonder, if I wore pointy ears on a random day in feburary in the U.S., would I get stares? I bet that I would, and I wonder why the difference.

I think its because the French are wrapped up in their own world, and thats not a bad thing.  There’s really no need to people watch, because other people are outside of that world. Perhaps, too, they do not question who they are, which is funny, because thats just what I came to find out.

I did have two people giggling about my ears, but they were American.


3 thoughts on “to find out

  1. Thanks for sharing Lili. Perhaps the French are too sophisticated for pointy ears? Perhaps they wish that they too could wear them, and carry it off as well as you do.


  2. hahahahahaha. I love this. maybe they didn’t stare because the city is full of crazy outfits and outre fashion and you just blended in like a local? 🙂

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