Follow the Seine upstream and you’ll arrive at this cute little town called Giverny, home to le maison et jarin de Monet (Monet’s house & garden).  This is where he painted his famous waterlily series.


Its a perfect garden for impressionism, the light and colors almost seem to meld together.

view from the bridge

view from the bridge

Of course, autumn is when everything in the garden begins to die.  For some people, this is rather depressing, as it marks the coming of winter where everything is cold and dead.  But I kind of like this idea.  I like the fact that not everything is sustainable, that life needs to rest so it can live again. Death cannot exist without life, and life cannot exist without death. Plus, I like the pretty colors.


My travel buddy and friend Amy on Monet’s famous curved bridge.

Maison de Monet

Maison de Monet

We couldn’t take photos inside the house, but there were some pretty great impressionist paintings a l’interior.

for all the photos from Giverny:


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