Nuit Blanche

Last Saturday night was Nuit Blanche in Paris.  Unlike New York, Paris is a city that usually gets at least some sleep.  However on Nuit Blanche the city stays awake, modern art exhibitions are installed throughout the city, open from 7pm to 6am.  Creperies also stay open, as a nutella filled 2am art break definitely hits the spot. I’ve been dreaming of nutella crepes ever since.

Many exhibitions are are installed within the many (many) cathedrals around this ville.

This exhibition was in the Saint Severin eglise right behind Shakespeare & Co in the 5eme.  Stereos were installed around the eglise, each emitting a different choir voice.  Look at the first video for the scene of the place, the second gives you a better idea of sound.



This exhibition was at the Eglise Orthodoxe, just north of the Pantheon.  The exhibition itself was some sort of suspended object intended to appear as clouds.  Pillows were placed underneath the instillation so the audience could sit and look up at the cloud(s), which is exactly what I wanted to do after hours of walking around.

The Jardin of Luxemborg also had a neat exhibit, although I didn’t brave the Obama inauguration style crowds to get inside the gardens.  Fortunately, the Eiffel Tower’s Mistress, as she’s called, could be seen from anywhere in the proximity.


Think huge disco ball in the sky (side note: all of the clubs here are called discotheques).

Here’s a daytime photo, the day before the Nuit Blanche.


Sometimes I don’t understand modern art. I know that this exhibition at the mosque has something to do with earth and water, but I don’t get it.

1st installation in the Mosque:

2nd installation in the Mosque:

Nuit Blanche website:


3 thoughts on “Nuit Blanche

  1. Lil –

    I love how you take us with you to experience Paris. I’ve so appreciated churches when I’ve traveled in Europe. Peaceful and meditative, they bring you inside yourself, away from being a tourist. Thanks for this night with you.


  2. Lily
    Very impressive! I hope you’re keeping a journal of all this. Have you considered putting your experiences and travels into a book?

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