Well, I’ve touched down in London.

A part of me can’t totally believe that this is reality, that I really redirected the plan I’d had for the past two years.  Montana always seemed like the next logical step, a good mix of the familiar with the unexplored. Paris, or anywhere else really, was never considered.

I think that we need to balance the later and the now.  There are some things that we need to push through, like getting a degree or saving up for a big trip, in order to open up possibilities for our future.  Other things, like picking up and moving to Paris, are done because they feel right in the now. If we focus too much on the future, we become preoccupied with the idea of should.  In other words, we do what we feel we are supposed to do instead of what we feel is right. This, being here right now, is right.

London is great, its strange because its not entirely foreign.  American culture and British culture are relatively similar, and I can speak to people on the street without issue. I’m staying with my friend Lisa, who is in the last week of writing her thesis at LSE. I’ve been in London for 40 hours, and I’ve already been dancing at a pub in Brixton, seen the (outside of) St. Paul’s Cathedral, Parliament/Westminster, taken a long walk along the river and been sat on by the elderly.  Yes, that’s right, sat on.  There’s a strange violation of personal space here.  In New York, we’d just tell someone to move.  In London, they push you and you’re just supposed to get the hint.


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