Red Light District

Red Light District

I can’t totally wrap my head around the idea of legalized prostitution. I’m in Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal and controlled. I guess it makes sense on some level, it provides a measure of security and standards for prostitutes, and protects the victims of vices. Still, I can’t totally wrap my head around it.

Whenever you hear about the red light district, people talk about prostitutes in booths. In my head, I imagined a large square with prostitutes in toll-like-booths. In fact, I hadn’t really considered any other options. In reality, its really more like window shopping for sex instead of driving through a toll. “Storefronts” are lit with red lights, and prostitutes are just hanging out, on display, by the window.

Very strange.


2 thoughts on “Red Light District

  1. Hi Lili!
    I’m just catching up with your travels and I am so impressed, (and envious). This is a summer you will remember forever. I wish you could see how hard I’m laughing while reading your Amsterdam blog. I had a similar situation many years ago in the Phillipines and also in Okinawa. It was like window shopping for….whatever! So I can appreciate your thoughts. Keep the blog coming and if you’re back in the District, please let me know. I’d love to hear more.
    Happy trails

  2. I know what you mean about how strange it is! And…did you notice…very few of the women “window prostitutes” are white? I’m sure they are choosing that profession, yes indeed…

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