Danish Theater

Danish Theater

One of the most interesting experiences I had in Copenhagen was going to the movie theater. Jill, Ben and I saw Transformers 2. As Jill pointed out, going to the theater in Copenhagen is a marked difference in culture. For one, everyone has assigned seats. You can pay to be in a better seat. The commercials and previews are pretty long, about 30 minutes, so most people know to enter the theater late. But, if you come too late you are denied entry. After the previews and commercials finish, a curtain closes in front of the screen as the lights dim, signifying that the feature presentaion is about to begin. The movie itself if much more interactive. Everyone laughs at the silly jokes and applauds at the momentous moments – no matter how cheesy (and there were a lot of those at T2). It makes the entire experience more enjoyable, its more like theater on a stage than a movie on a screen. I probably liked Transformers 2 more than I should have, but it was a great experience.


One thought on “Danish Theater

  1. I’m taking mom and kaf to Ice Age there tonight! I hope it goes as well. I should also point out that not only most, but all other movie theaters in Danish are much smaller, and therefore nowhere near as interactive and AWESOME. Nonetheless, the assigned seats, and a generally greater viewer participation definitely hold true. 🙂 Miss and love you Lili! Thanks again for coming! Enjoy the rest of your trip. xoxo

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