Missing Connections

Missing Connections

I missed my connection from Madrid to Casablanca.  Oops. It was partly my fault and partly the fault of the Madrid airport.  By the time I got to Madrid I was tired from traveling and was confused by a similar flight leaving for Casablanca on a different airline.  No one in the airport could find the flight number of my reservation and kept pointing me to the wrong flight. By the time I realized I was in the wrong terminal it was too late to get there. The next flight that I could get was two days later, on Friday. 

I’m actually glad I missed my connection, being stuck in Madrid was fun and it was a simple reminder that this is a vacation, and I just have to work with what comes at me.  The only downside was that I cut Zac and my time together from 9 days to 7 days.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been working full time and going to school for the past two years.  The only way that I could possibly juggle both of my lives was to have a schedule.  I had plenty of free time over the past few years, but it was space allotted within the schedule.  I am travelling instead of taking the summer to work on my thesis to be free from a schedule.  I never totally had the college experience where I was completely free, and so these six weeks are dedicated to that freedom.   My missed flight reminded me that I have a structure to my vacation, but I’m ultimately free from a schedule.

I happened to have a friend from high school doing a Fulbright scholarship in Madrid, and he took care of me during my extended layover.  We walked to beautiful parks and ate yummy empanadillas (tuna with tomato/red pepper paste wrapped in dough and fried).  It takes a while for me to recall Spanish, but I have two more opportunities to practice – Malaga and Barcelona.


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